Methodological Recommendations and Tools

The RACITS has developed a method of determining limits of practicable and feasible time periods to deliver supplies to the territories of the Arctic zone, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation with limited transport accessibility in order to identify boundaries of such zones more precisely.

The Center's specialists have developed recommendations to improve the efficiency of international corridors transportation by introduction of elements of digitalization of international transport & logistics processes, including the use of electronic navigation lock-and-seal devices.

Methodical recommendations for the modelling of transport systems of urban agglomerations have been developed by the RACITS, describing the procedures for data collection and for the consistent application of models’ network of different levels and targets to assess the performance and effectiveness of options for the development of transport systems in urban agglomerations.

The RACITS was involved in the development of proposals on the structure and content of vehicles’ standards that set indicators of the quality of services for passengers in urban, suburban, inter-regional and international transportation.

One of the new directions of competence development of the Center is a methodological support of work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport industry and its adaptation to climate change. In the framework of this direction, the RACITS is engaged in the development of the regulatory base, formulating data collection and processing procedures, including them to the information systems being created.

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