Scope of Activities

The RACITS conducts analysis and research on the interaction of transport industry with other sectors of the national economy, on forecasting of the demand for transport of passengers and goods, on institutional and structural changes in transport, on investment, innovation and tariff policies, on optimizations of transport planning decisions and practical solutions, on comprehensive transport development projects, on information and analytical systems’ development and on monitoring techniques, etc., improving the national transport system’s competitiveness in the global transport services market.

Using analytical and research results of such studies, the Center provides:

  • comprehensive economic analyses of the transport sector current and forecasted performance, as well as development of its strategies, concepts, estimations, transportation schemes & technologies, programs & projects, etc.;
  • recommendations for implementation of coordinated policies on operations and further improvements of transport systems of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and CIS member states to ensure transit traffic on their transport infrastructure;
  • integration approaches of the Russian transportation industry into the global transport system, and into European and Asian ones, in particular.

To conduct such studies the RACITS is contracted by the Ministry of Transport and other Ministries and agencies of the Russian Federation, by executive bodies of the Russian Federation’s regions, and by a wide spectrum of enterprises and organizations.

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