Design, Development and Customized Implementation of Automated Computerized Systems

The Digital Solutions Office of the RACITS recently developed the ‘Concept for Introduction of the Automated Management System for the transportation complex of the Russian Federation (AMS TC)’, i.e., the information and analytical system to support decision making in transport industry. At present, all information services of the Russian Ministry of Transport are structured on the basis of the AMS TC. Moreover, the ‘Concept for Coordination of Goods Traffic on the Core Network of Transport & Logistics Centers’, as well as the ‘Concept of the Information and Analytical System for Digital Networks of Transport and Logistics Nodes’ are being developed nowadays.

Besides, the applied software for e-Passporting on transport and logistics infrastructure of the "North-South" International Transport Corridor, which includes infrastructure objects’ characteristics analysis has been developed under the Russian Ministry of Transport’s contract.

The RACITS was also engaged in design & development of the ‘Intelligent Transport System of the City of Moscow’ Project.

Specialists of the RECITS possess necessary competences to operate the up-to-date information technologies, used for Big Data storing and processing, and are highly qualified to work with the most well-known transport models to develop effectively tailored solutions at both levels of the national transport industry and on local regional systems.

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