Racits History in Brief

The Federal Ministry of Transport's Budgetary Institution ‘Research and Analysis Centre for Integrated Transport Solutions’ (RACITS) is the successor to the Institute of Integrated Transport Problems established in 1955, which was organized on the basis of the Transport Section of the Academy of Science of the USSR. to expand studies on the interaction of different modes of transport in the integrated and feasible development of the Soviet transport network. Since that time, the Center has passed quite a long historical path, overcoming a very difficult transition period of the 1990s. Finally, in 1994 the Institute was reorganized as the RACITS of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, preserving, however, its scientific potential and traditions, being a recognized leader in coordinating the activities of the transport sector research and design organizations in addressing transport problems to improve the efficiency of the country's transport development and operation.

During these years, the Center has headed the strategic planning of the development of the transport complex of the Russian Federation, formulating a number of documents that had been approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, e.g., the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation, the Federal Target Program ‘Modernization of the Russian Transport System’ and its subprograms, the Federal Target Program ‘Development of the Russian Transport System (2010 -2020)’, and retaining also a leading position in developing studies on international transportation cooperation, including its regional aspects.

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